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Ashura x Fai [entries|friends|calendar]
World Left Behind

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Into post! [22 Aug 2006|05:30am]

[ mood | blank ]

Hello everyone ^^ ♥

I don't expect this to be a large or even very serious community...^^; But I remember when the manga cover of chapter 117 was released and everyone spazzed over the Ashura/Fai image in the KuroFai community(not that I was complaining, but...). Now, if that happens again, there will be a proper place to fangirl over it! XD A place for fangirling, discussions, fics, art, media etc dealing with Celes, Ashura, and Fai.

The only thing I myself have to offer so far is some art of Ashura & Fai ^^ You can find it on the front page of my gallery here: http://eck.deviantart.com

Have fun :3

~ECK ♥

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