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Kiseki RPG


From where you're standing, you can smell the sea. Hear the wind in the trees. Smell the asphalt beneath your feet. And there, directly in front of you, the giant winged egg-like building you just arrived in. The bustling city continues its life as usual, taking no notice of yet another new arrival.

Welcome to Miracle Country.


You're in a city without a name, where flying trains lead to the beach and the forest. There is only one beach, to the south, despite the city being surrounded by ocean. The forests lie to the eat and west of the city. There is nothing beyond the sea. You're stranded where you are.

Not that your predicament is a bad thing – this city has everything. Hotels, a gigantic shopping center, restaurants, a zoo, a hospital, a pet shop and adjoining veterinarian, and one of the grandest libraries you've ever seen.

There is, of course, the Welcome Center in the northernmost part of the city. Remember that egg building? Here is where everyone arrives, no exceptions. You're given a journal to write in to chronicle your time in this place. These are magic journals made of leather-bound paper; once it touches your fingertips it is yours exclusively; no one can open it but you. It's magical because it's connected to every other journal in the city.

There are lots of people, like you, who arrived unceremoniously to Kiseki Koku. You can choose to keep what you’ve written in your journal complete public, private, viewable to a select few, or if you're feeling awkward you could always lock it but make it potentially hackable. Nothing like testing friendship with hacking skills.

One thing you'll notice about this place is the strange things it does to you. Any wounds you receive heal thrice as normal, and you absolutely can't die. Should you or someone/thing else try, you will remain unconscious for a period of time before revival. The duration depends on the severity of the injuries. If there is any irreparable damage done to your body, you disappear and reappear in the Welcome Center, good as new and with all memory. Also, you seem to have maintained any and all 'powers' that you possessed in your original world.

Speaking of that original world, what happened to it once you left? Nothing. You're not the real you, so to speak. Canon is continuing just peachy without you; for you are merely a copy. It would explain a lot, especially since people who are supposed to be dead have a habit of showing up, or different versions of yourself.

But the true explanation for all these strange incidents would be the experiments. You can't see them, can't find them, and if you ask the residents of the city you'll get nothing but blank stares, but there's someone watching you. Constantly. That's why you're here, actually. Someone pulled you from your world, and they make...strange things happen. They love watching how you react. They love watching you squirm.
So, don't be afraid! These incidents are harmless. ...Mostly. And they never last long. But it's almost a guarantee that you'll see strange things, do something you regret, and get close to people you'd never thought you could thanks to adversity.

Are you ready to rebuild a life for yourself here?

This is a CLAMP-centric role-playing game. Only CLAMP properties are allowed, barring Code Geass.

Kiseki RPG: For events and mod announcements.
Kiseki OOC: For characters introductions, hiatus notices, etc.
Kiseki Logs: The logs comm.
Kiseki Mods: The mods journal.

The Rules|FAQ|Applications|Taken Charas|Add List|Getting Started|Living facilities

I'm playing pre-series Fay, when he lived happily with Ashura Ou but he's no longer a kid. Does anyone want to apply for Ashura Ou and have some Ashura Ou x Fay? (*3*)
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