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A smile to make you happy

A smile to make you happy chapitre two;)
I hope you like it!
For chapitre 1, please look further down this site, it is in my first and only other post in this community;)

Diclaimer: I do now own
Pairing: AshuraxFay
Summary: Fay and Ashura-ou in Celes and the love that exist for one of them.

A wish

I want someone to look at me and see me smile. To know my smile as a sign of my happiness. A person who becomes happy because I am happy. A person who love my happiness instead of his own.

Make more flowers bloom Ashura-ou! They are so pretty!" A little boy asked smiling. He had fluffy blond hair and deep blue eyes. Ashura stroke the boy’s head gently.

"I am glad you like them Fay," Ashura touched three more flowers with his hand and they bloomed an instant later. "It makes me very happy to see you smile."

"I want to do that too!" Fay said jumping into Ashura’s lap.

"Then you must study!" Ashura smiled wrapping his hands around Fay.

"I want to make flowers for Ashura, so I will study hard!" Fay closed his eyes and enjoyed Ashura’s hands holding him closely. ‘Thank you Ashura. Thank you for everything…’


The bed felt cold. Fay moved slightly under Ashura’s arm. He didn’t wake up. Fay moved some more until he finally was free from Ashura’s grip. He moved to the other side of the bed feeling the cold silk against his bare skin shift as he moved.

How long had he had these thoughts? These wishes? This longing to escape? He didn’t know anymore although he was sure of one thing; it was a long time. Fay looked at his king; his black hair strewn across the bed. His eyes started welling up with tears. He tried to stop them but couldn’t. His feelings was far to strong to hold back anymore.

Fay gritted his teeth as crystal tears evaporated from his eyes. ‘I am so thankful for you Ashura-ou; you have been so kind to me.’ Fay tried to brush away the tears but more kept coming like there was no end to his pain.

"I should love you Ashura-ou. I should love you." Fay whispered through gritted teeth remembering those days long ago. All the precious memories they shared together. All the happy moments under the night sky. ‘I should love you Ashura-ou. I truly should.’

"To see you cry hurts me Fay," a voice said making Fay press his eyes together to get rid of the water blurring his vision. When he opened them again he looked at Ashura-ou who had moved closer to him; his hand upon Fay’s bare shoulder.

"Then I won’t cry," Fay brushed away his tears with the back of his hand avoiding his king’s gaze.

"That’s better. You make me so happy Fay. Thank you," Ashura wrapped his hands around Fay burying his lips in his blond hair. "You make me so happy," he whispered slowly. Tears started to well up again in Fay’s eyes. He kept them back. ‘I will do anything for you Ashura-ou. I will do anything for you my king.’


It had been so long since they last had spoken. Fay had told Ashura that he needed some time on his own. Ashura had looked worried at him. Fay had told him not to worry. Fay was lying on a bed his eyes staring empty at the ceiling. He had been like this for days. Doing nothing but stare, trying to suppress the thoughts in his mind. His thoughts about Ashura, about his life, but most importantly about his wish. He was glad Ashura had left him alone. To escape his feelings was like removing a heavy burden from his tired shoulders, a burden he wasn’t sure if he could carry anymore. However, he knew it couldn’t last forever. So the day Ashura opened the door to the guest room it didn’t come as a surprise, nevertheless Fay kept staring at the ceiling, holding on to the feeling of freedom.

"I know what you wish for. I know your heart’s desires. If you leave me. If you go seeking happiness of your own, I will surely be sad," Ashura’s voice was cold and hard but his eyes was still shining with warmth as they always did when he spoke to Fay.

Ashura-ou…," Fay broke his gaze with the ceiling and looked at his king. His heart cringed in pain when their eyes met. He smiled weakly.

"You are the only person that can make me happy. You are my one and only. My most precious person. And I will do everything to make sure my most important person stays by my side," Ashura walked over to the bed and leaned over Fay. His breath touched the face of the wizard. Fay’s eyes met the gaze of his king. Ashura leaned in closer. "I love you Fay. I truly do," Ashura kissed Fay long. Fay’s soft lips pressed against his. His own happiness the most important of all.


A/N: Next chapitre: Goodbye. Time for departure. Fay decides to seek his own happiness. What will the last words between Ashura-ou and him be before he go? I also want to thank ria_chan for betaing all my fics! Thank you very much for all your hard work!

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