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AshuraxFay fic!

Hi everyone! I am new here:D This is the first time I write a AshuraxFay fic I usually write KuroxFay. But since I adore Fay and think Ashura is so cool I thought that I should give this pairing a shot too.

Title: A smile to make you happy
Pairing: AshuraxFay

Disclaimer: I do not own.
Pairing: AshuraxFay
Spoilers: Non, at least not yet.
A smile to make you happy
I like you; you are someone precious to me. I want you to be happy. I want you to smile. But still you are not for me the same as I am for you…
Soft snow petals made their way down from the sky landing on Fay’s nose. He looked upwards feeling the petals numb his face, kissing him, leaving their mark as little crystal tears on his warm face.
‘Am I selfish? Am I selfish if I long for happiness for myself? Am I selfish if I wish for someone special for me?’
Fay seated himself in the snow; his coat loosely wrapped around himself. His gaze followed a snow petal fall, alone, finding its way towards the ground, joining the rest to form a sea of pure white. ‘Smile for me Fay, smile for me. Smile and make me happy.’ Ashura always said things like that. ‘Make me happy Fay. Make me happy.’ Always…
“Fay!” He heard a voice call from behind. He turned around to see his king walking towards him his black hair billowing in the slight breeze. Fay smiled weakly.
“Ashura-ou…,” Fay watched him come closer, the longing in his chest suppressing his feelings for the man standing in front of him. Ashura seated himself beside Fay. “You shouldn’t sit in the snow Ashura-ou, you might get sick,” Fay looked worried at Ashura.
“So might you,” Ashura’s kind eyes on Fay. “You’re feeling sad again, aren’t you?”
“No” Fay smiled.
“You’re a master at lies Fay. Your face can smile and your heart cry at the same time. A truly remarkable skill,” Ashura tilted Fay’s head upwards looking deep inside his deep blue eyes. “I love you, I truly do.”
“I love you too,” Fay felt Ashura’s gaze on him; deep within his soul.
“Again you lie,” Ashura released Fay’s head from his tender grip. “Again you lie to make me happy,” Ashura smiled. “And I thank you for that.” The snow kept falling, bathing both of them in white. Fay was getting cold but not due to the icy petals falling from the sky.
“Why does that make you happy Ashura-ou?” Fay asked looked down avoiding the king’s searching gaze.
“Fay, if you had to choose. If you had to choose between giving happiness to another person or being happy yourself. What would you do?”
“I…,” Fay kept his gaze aimed at the ground.
“For me… There is nothing more important than my own happiness. Of course I want everyone else to be happy too but I have come to the conclusion that my happiness will always be the most important thing to me.” Ashura looked at Fay. “And I will do everything in my power to attain that happiness.” Snow petals kept falling, covering both in a seemingly endless carpet of white; Ashura’s hand resting upon Fay’s cold one. “Let’s go inside, if you stay here longer you’ll get sick,” Ashura’s smile was warm.
“For you Ashura-ou, I will do anything,” Fay rested his head on Ashura’s lap. “I will do anything for your happiness.”
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