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Speculation Time!

(New here btw, hi! ^^)

So I think that the Ashura/Fay drawing in the recent CLAMP character guide pretty much clarified that Ashura-ou wasn't the OMGZ-EBIL-KING! a lot of the TRC fandom seemed to think he was, but there are still a lot of people who still seem to think that Ashura may have just been pretending to like Fay and eventually turned around and stabbed him in the back. *sigh*

I'm guessing that it’s mainly because of this image: 

It could be interpreted as Fay being deathly afraid/mad at Ashura-ou, but to me, that doesn't seem like the case.

To me it seems that although Fay is referring to Ashura-ou, he is contemplating not Ashura himself, but something to do with Ashura-ou or something that involved Ashura-ou. He doesn't seem to be angry and scared; he seems to be more angry and darkly contemplative. Then there is his dialogue to consider:

"...I would know, if it's just the same face or if it's the same person. I would know."

This seems to imply that across all worlds, Fay would always be able to tell his Ashura apart from others.

While that may be the case, is it possible that Fay meant he would easily recognize an imposter?

Moving on, at the moment there's three things we know about Fei Wong Reed:
1) He can create clones (Syaoran)
2) He needed Fay for a part of his grand plan/must’ve had some part in Fay’s past for his plan to work.
3) He stole Syaoran and replaced him because he knew too much (I'm sorry if some of this is wrong, I tend to gloss over a lot of the bits involving Fei Wong XP)

Anyway, we also know:
1) Fay was able to tell that there was something different about C!Syaoran fairly early on.
2) A clone without a part of its heart is pretty much an evil and eye eating pawn of Fei Wong

So, theory time:

Is it possible that Ashura found out about Fei Wong needing Fay to complete his plan and refused to comply or stood up against Fei Wong? (Trying to go against destiny, much like his RG Veda self)

Then, because of the knowledge that this would eventually happen, is it also possible that maybe Fei Wong created a clone Ashura-ou, ready to be put in Ashura’s place at anytime so his plan would all fall into place eventually anyway?

I'm also guessing that if this happened, Ashura-ou, like Syaoran, managed to get a part of his heart into the clone. Although I’m guessing that perhaps Ashura knew half of his heart wouldn’t be enough to maintain the clone forever and also wouldn’t be enough for the clone to remember Fay. So perhaps, Ashura gave the clone his whole heart, maybe killing himself in the process.

It is also possible that while the Clone was pretty much Ashura’s heart in a different body, Ashura may have died before the seal on the heart was complete, so the heart would still fade eventually.

Ashura-ou being cloned and putting his heart into his clone might seem a tad too repetitive plus it would sure highlight Fei Wong’s incompetence when it comes to stopping his clonees from interfering with his plans XD but then again, as much as I love them, I wouldn’t put it past CLAMP to repeat a plot device. (Eyes anyone?)

Once Clone!Ashura returned, I'm then wondering if maybe, Fay had noticed something wrong with Ashura-ou straight away but hadn't really acted on his instincts, possibly not wanting to believe his Ashura was gone, even if he knew it wasn’t his Ashura deep down.

Because, for all we know, Ashura may have actually been the first person to love Fay (in a long time or ever, I’m not really too sure about) and knowing this, Fay may have wished to hold onto Ashura, in any form, for as long has he could, even with the knowledge that he wasn’t really his Ashura.

I think Fay may have lived with this knowledge and lived in denial until Ashura’s seal eventually started to wear off at which point I’m guessing Ashura’s clone may have turned into the sort of violent, raging being that we recently saw Syaoran’s clone become when he lost his heart, maybe with his sole purpose/s being:
1) To get Fay out of Celes no matter what/who stood in his path and
2) To kill Fay.

Although, assuming since the clone would probably have less magic than Fay, ** I‘m guessing Fei Wong knew that the clone wouldn’t actually be able to succeed in killing Fay.

But I’m guessing that even though the heartless Ashura-ou clone wouldn’t have any problem killing Fay, I think Fay would’ve been dead set against killing Ashura in any shape/form as his love for Ashura-ou would still be there, even if it he knew it wasn’t essentially his Ashura.

Since Fay would have a fierce persistence of not killing Clone!Ashura, even if perhaps he was the only one who could do it, I’m going to assume a long battle ensued in which a lot of people, or maybe even the majority of Celes, got killed. (It wouldn’t surprise me, because Fay does sometimes come off as a selfish and stubborn character, even with the interests of those most precious to him at heart Just look at the way he’s pushing Kurogane away in the recent chapters.)

This may be why, instead of killing Clone!Ashura when he got him in a slightly controllable/vulnerable state, Fay couldn’t bring himself to do it and instead, Fay simply sealed him and left Celes, knowing the clone would eventually come after him.

This works perfectly with Fei Wong’s plans, because he knows that Fay will never willingly be able to kill the Ashura clone, which now gives Fay the incentive to keep traveling to many different dimensions, away from Clone!Ashura, which would then put Fei Wong Reed’s plans back on track.

Fay probably would have also guessed [and if this theory were to be correct YEAH RIGHT! XD probably now knows] that Ashura-ou was replaced with a clone because of him.

Thus enforcing the “anybody who cares about me will get hurt” stance he seems to have. He would probably feel bad that because of him, Ashura was used and hurt and because of him, practically the entire population of Celes got killed, feeling that everything clone!Ashura did was all his fault. He would probably feel horrible that although he knew it wasn’t Ashura, he still lived blissfully in denial (thus my whole theory about the above image. Fay would always know who his Ashura was, but feels guilty that he lived in denial of the knowledge anyway)

I think it has become clear in the recent chapters of TRC that it is mainly because of Fei Wong that our heroes seem to be on this journey. So it would make sense that, vicariously through Ashura’s clone, Fei Wong was the one to make Fay leave Celes and gave Fay a reason to angst! never want to go home and to keep traveling to other dimensions.

In chapter 133, it seems to be quite clear that Fei Wong is capable of meticulous and calculated planning.

He would’ve known that Fay couldn’t kill Ashura and he would’ve known that Fay would’ve simply sealed him and left his world and gone to Yuuko, like Syaoran and Kurogane.

I’ve spent a lot of time pondering the Ashura/Fay situation can you tell? XD but I've recently been very interested with the above conversation in Piffle and Fay's "I don't want to hurt anybody/Anybody who gets close to me will get hurt" stance.*

Fay’s stance leads me to believe that something must’ve happened to Ashura-ou that he believes is his fault. But Ashura is still in one piece at the bottom of that pool in Celes, so I’m still trying to figure out how Fay hurt Ashura.

And if Ashura did have some sort of confrontation with Fei Wong about Fay’s destiny, it would sort of go with his RG Veda personality.

He once again, tried to change the destiny of his ‘child’, trying to prevent what was foreordained, but instead, ended up making it a whole lot worse in the process i.e. Instead of sending Fay away as was planned, by confronting Fei Wong and perhaps getting himself killed and cloned in the process, he may have actually hurt Fay a lot more and sort of destroyed him emotionally, [not to mention killing most of his people in his clone state] despite how he stood up to Fei Wong with Fay’s best interests at heart. 

Since we found out about Fei Wong Reed’s hand in all the TRC gangs pasts in chapter 133, Ashura (being one to want to defy fate) strikes me as a possible obstacle in his plans.

Anyway, I’m just throwing this out in to the open as a possibility of why Fay seems to be running from Ashura, why he doesn't want to return home and why Fay seems resolute in that he would recognize his Ashura.

I guess I also want to dispel all the rest of the EBIL!Ashura theories or at least create a situation where even if Ashura was evil at some point, it wasn’t his fault. (Just like C!Syaoran, it really wasn’t his fault he turned evil. ;_;)

Okay, for the record, I know my theory is heavily flawed and makes very little sense. -_-;

But I really want to ask everyone else in the comm, what are your thoughts on the above picture?

(Oh, and I'm also sorry if this has been suggested before. ^^)


*I also have another theory about Fay’s "I don't want to hurt anybody/Anybody who gets close to me will get hurt" stance which involves an older sister!Freya who got killed by Fay when he accidentally lost control of his magic at some point in time, which perhaps lead to his imprisonment.

Because, although Fay’s obviously been imprisoned for some time (the hair is proof) perhaps because of his magic and his supposed longer life span, 50 years trapped in a cell is the equivalent of aging only about 1-2 years.

So there is a possibility that while he hasn’t had human contact in ages, he did have a life before his imprisonment.

But then again, maybe that’s just a mixture of me subconsciously wishing to show the Fay/Chii fans exactly how incestuous that pairing really is (ick! XP) and hoping that Fay’s life wasn’t always as horrible as the small 2 page flash back in the manga seems to imply it was.

**I’m assuming Ashura has magic as well, seeing as he doesn’t seem to have aged all that much according to the CLAMP character guide sketch and the 117 splash page, leading me to believe that like Fay, he has a larger life expectancy.


*EDIT* I just noticed the length of this post. Yikes! Props to anybody who can be stuffed actually reading the whole thing I know I wouldn’t be able to! XD

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