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Ashura x Fai -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
World Left Behind

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Kiseki RPG [20 Sep 2007|01:33pm]

This is a CLAMP-centric role-playing game. Only CLAMP properties are allowed, barring Code Geass.

Kiseki RPG: For events and mod announcements.
Kiseki OOC: For characters introductions, hiatus notices, etc.
Kiseki Logs: The logs comm.
Kiseki Mods: The mods journal.

The Rules|FAQ|Applications|Taken Charas|Add List|Getting Started|Living facilities

I'm playing pre-series Fay, when he lived happily with Ashura Ou but he's no longer a kid. Does anyone want to apply for Ashura Ou and have some Ashura Ou x Fay? (*3*)
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