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Ashura x Fai -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
World Left Behind

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I think "I don't know you anymore" is so their song, Ashura's for Fai [20 Oct 2006|03:07am]
Savage Garden - "I don't know you anymore"

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Okay, so this depends hugely on how you see Ashura, I really like ekas's in Somewhere Out There, e-gawds, Ashura! He's the spoiled quarterback boyfriend who never treats Fai right but is insanely possessive. It was the 'winter' part that first called to me, teehee, but I think the sum of it is definitely 'I know I never treated you right', and I would like to think 'what I wouldn't give to see your face again.

People must be expecting a real EBIL Ashura now, and I don't want to see a good Ashura, while it'll be an interesting twist. Currently I see Ashura as a warlord, a 'classic king', from an era where warfare and conquest is the norm, and monarchs ruled with an iron fist to keep their subjects in place. Ashura wants to expand his Kingdom, gain more power, in the context of our olden days, that is very normal, that is what almost everyone does, those that could. Except Ashura will be the kind of dicatator that's even more harsh than most, because with power comes greater challenges. In the olden days, Kings see it as their divine rights to use people. While yes, this is a bad thing...I can definitely see why Fai would run, I understand why Ashura could be that way, it's just the way it was before him. Although I definitely sees Ashura as having went farther than what has gone before him, putting the country into decline, the later years of the Napoleon Empire.

What I would love to see when Ashura shows up, is for him to act like a 'classic king', accuse Fai of treason maybe, or at least shows that he feels it, demands Fai to return to his side, offers that Fai could rule by him. I want it to be shown though that while Ashura doesn't love Fai well, he does have feelings for Fai, and of course, the reactions of Big Dog and Little Kitty to that, teehee.
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