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Taishakuten in Celes? Also, pics.

In RG Veda, Ashura had a pretty...interesting relationship with Taishakuten- does anyone think that good ol' Tai might exist in Celes? After all, he was quite obsessive about our dear king (he and Seishirou could compare notes!). And if he's there- how would he and Fai interact?

It is possible- if Ashura really wanted it, Taishakuten would've stood by and allowed Fai to seal him- but then again, wouldn't Fai be more worried about Taishakuten coming after him, rather then Ashura? What do you guys think?

Also: Pics! Ashura-ou and his son (sans lipstick, thankyouvermuch), Ashura-ou in full regallia, and Ashura-ou and Taishakuten.
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